In 2008, Manpower Inc made a strategic move to take advantage of the emerging social networking landscape. The concept was to evolve job seeking and career management into a transparent social activity taking place on their platform. 


MyPath would be a portal providing users with educational content, career evaluations and interactive career development tools. Most of these elements were brought by vendor partnerships. The website integrated a front end build in Flex and the Jive social work platform.

Evolving Agile Practice

We began with a typical waterfall process, and then restructured to agile team. My role evolved throughout the project; from lead information architect to scrum master. We experienced the typical challenges of adjusting our level of documentation, planning challenges and setting expectations for executives. It was messy, and a lot of fun.

MyPath partnered with a career assessment developed at Harvard. The paper-based assessment required users to answer hundreds of questions, selecting from 5 options for each response. I designed the interaction to minimize the amount of work put on users. I also implemented accessibility standards to make it keyboard accessible and readable by assistive technology such as screen readers.  

MyPath had an extensive content library across a wide span of topic areas. To make relevant content findable for users, I created a facet based information architecture. We coupled that with a cutting edge recommendations engine. 

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