The world is a hard and beautiful place. I am interested in that grey area where logic and messy humanness meet to produce wonder.

About Me

I figure out how to eliminate your persistent product and business problems. Using deep design leadership experience across industries and business models, I examine challenges through a variety of lenses and create smart strategies. 

My passion is connecting the varied interests and disciplines working in an enterprise to amplify individual impact and deliver more value with less friction.

Areas of expertise: Digital engagement strategy, service design, innovation strategy, user experience strategy (UX), social media, B2C/B2B applications, enterprise systems, workshop facilitation, OKR development. 

User experience specific skills: participatory design, Lean UX, primary user research methods, usability testing, interaction design, information architecture, prototyping.

Curious about coaching or speaking at your event? Email gail.swanson@practicallyux.com